Singapore At A Glance For The Untutored Traveller

While tourists bemoan that there’s little to do in Singapore, savvy travellers will tell you otherwise. Travellers, unlike tourists, get off the beaten track and discover for themselves Singapore’s treasures that only locals who are in the know enjoy. Discover Singapore’s secret hideaways and treasures through this guide.

Thrills and Treasures

Ride on the Flyer

The world’s largest observation wheel at 165 meters, it’s Singapore’s version of the London Eye. The best time to take a ride is at sunset for a scenic view of Singapore’s skyscrapers.

Visit Pulau Ubin Island

It’s a rustic reminder of what Singapore looked like more than 100 years ago. Make sure you visit Chek Jawa, it’s a rich and thriving marine sanctuary. Permits are issued to guests.

Tour the Chinatown Heritage Center

Here you’ll find complete sets of kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and even street scenes of 19th and 20th century Singapore rendered with faithful mastery. It is an authentic cultural experience no traveller should pass up.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through Haji Lane

Seated right in the heart of Singapore’s Muslim quarter, Haji Lane provides well crafted wares when you’re in need of some retail therapy. From home accessories to excellent house label clothing, indulge your senses in this small and colorful lane.

Head to Singapore’s Botanic Garden to commune with nature

Travelling with a limited timeframe can urge you to cram every site to see, every experience to be found in a 24 hour day. Yes, travelling can be a source of stress. Give yourself some ‘me’ time to gather your thoughts and clear your mind. Slip into comfortable clothes and get ready to enjoy a walk through the lush greenery of Singapore’s virgin rainforest.

Master the Basics


Stay at the Marina Bay Sands or the Ritz Carlton for excellent service and professional pampering. While there, check out fabulous art works housed at the Ritz. Of course you can expect to pay premium prices but if you’re travelling with a specific budget, no worries! Retail or chain hotels abound.


You can go around Singapore using the Mass Rapid Transport or MRT. It’s safe, convenient, and cheap if you get the one day tourist pass. Cabs are available and metered. Most cab drivers are honest.


Tipping in restaurants, hotels, or cabs is not customary in Singapore but a 10% service charge is usually added to the bill.

Meet the locals

Singaporeans are generally reserved so don’t be surprised when you get curious stares with your cheerful greetings.


Singaporeans speak in a variety of languages that include Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and English. Expect to be greeted by a mixture of Singlish when conversing with locals. An expressive body language will also get your point across.

If you don’t mind a little kitschy souvenir, have your photo taken with the Merlion, Singapore’s iconic water spouting statue. One thing’s for certain, a passionate traveller will never be bored in Singapore.

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