SC junks bid compelling Duterte to disclose health, Palace thankful

SC junks bid compelling Duterte to disclose health, Palace thankful

By Fernan Angeles

MALACAÑANG was all praises to the Supreme Court after coming out with a ruling to dismiss the petition compelling President Rodrigo Duterte to disclose his health records.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the petition had no legal basis and was only meant to tear down the public’s confidence in the President’s leadership. “We note the latest decision of the Supreme Court dismissing the petition to disclose the President’s health records,” Roque said.

“We maintain that the petition has no legal and factual bases. We believe it is designed to distract the President from his job and erode the confidence of the Filipinos to PRRD’s (Duterte’s initials) leadership particularly in this time when we are confronted with an extreme health crisis,” he added.

Roque claims the President has always been on top of the situation — monitoring and giving orders as the country tries to cope up with the coronavirus disease pandemic.

“Moving forward, President Duterte continues to attend to the affairs of the State as he monitors developments in the country, particularly the COVID-19 situation, and gives instructions to his Cabinet members on various efforts to fight this global health scare,” Roque said.

Another Palace official meanwhile assured the President will voluntarily disclose his to the public should he experience any serious illnesses.

“Yes, with the SC decision, it should put to rest any doubt on the President’s fitness to govern the country. Moreover, any citizen need not go to the SC to compel the President to show his state of health if he is suffering from a serious illness. He is a very transparent President, he tells us what ails him if he feels unwell,” says Presidential chief legal counsel Salvador Panelo.

Lawyer Dino De Leon earlier asked the higher court to compel the release of the President’s medical records including his psychological or psychiatric examination results since he assumed office


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