Romantic Places and Things to Do in Boracay Island, Philippines

For those who come to the famous Philippine shores, booking a hotel in Boracay usually means more than just basking in the warm sunlight over the island’s white sand beaches. Apart from the expected scenic holiday, visiting the island usually entails a getaway worth cherishing for lovers who seek its unforgettable sights and pursuits.

Witness a Lovely Boracay Sunset

What’s a trip to Boracay Island without seeing a captivating view of the sunset over the horizon? Always a delightful sight, the sunset can be seen as you take cool drinks by the beach and brace yourself for a night of partying with the lively crowd. If you want to make this little part of the evening more special however, you can with a simple gesture. Take a paraw sailboat ride and let the gentle breeze wrap you and your special someone in a spot at sea as you watch the sun go down. The ride usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour and depending on your haggling skills, can cost between PHP500 to PHP1000. Regardless of the cost, the view is absolutely worth it.

Dinner by the Beach or a Private Picnic

Overlooking the azure waters, a candlelit dinner by the beach poses a wonderful and almost effortless opportunity to be romantic. With most beachfront restaurants and hotels offering such exquisite dining experience, you can never go wrong with the right backdrop already set around you.

But when crowded restaurants take away the fun of what’s meant to be a cozy escape for you and your loved one, you can always walk away. Take this chance to enjoy a more peaceful route. Go on an island hopping trip or rent a boat and head towards Boracay’s less populated beaches. Arrange for a drop off at Puka Beach and have the boatman pick you up after a few hours so you can have a private lunch. Most restaurants, resorts, and those with favorable Boracay hotel rates offer packed meals for such an occasion for your convenience.

Horseback Riding

Commit to waking up early for a visit to the horse stables in Sitio Pinaungon. Here, a horse riding trip along a beautiful path offers a wonderful chance to start the day right with the right person riding beside you and nature all around you.

Exhilarating Sports and Activities

If you’re the type that enjoys a bit of adventure, you may opt to try diversions in Boracay that include water sports and diving activities. Take part in snorkeling or scuba diving lessons to add an engaging new experience to your couple’s retreat. In the southern part of the island is Bulabog Beach, where parasailing and windsurfing are the must-do activities. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, simply trying them out is bound to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Peaceful and Elegant Accommodations

Sometimes, where you stay can make or break a romantic getaway. Steer clear from crowded spots if you’re hoping for a serene vacation with your special someone. You can also opt for a Boracay Island hotel that has charming facilities to highlight your stay. Much like Boracay Sands Hotel that features an elegant balcony overlooking the beach. Hanging out at this hotel in Boracay at any point of the day is a wonderful activity on its own if you have the right person with you.

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