Review: Bruce Cook’s Philippine Fever

Author: Bruce R. Cook

Publisher: Capital Criminal Offense Press

ISBN: 0977627675

Bruce R. Cook’s launching book, Philippine Fever, is a gripping and amusing fast read, although sometimes a trifle gory. Secret books are normally corpse-driven, and this one is no exception with its sleuth of suspects.

Embed In Manila in the Philippines, where the author had actually worked and where he investigated the product for the book, the story centers on an American from Texas, Harvey Tucker, who is discovered dead in a dumpster behind a sex club. Obviously, he had actually been extremely beaten and taser prongs had actually been hooked to his testicles. Not an enjoyable sight!

As an outcome, Sam Haine from the Los Angeles department of Homeland Security (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Dynamites) is appointed to the case to discover why and who eliminated Tucker. Haine is not thrilled about taking a trip to Manila, nevertheless, as he mentions, “it was much better to be hectic in the field, instead of be stuck behind an expert’s desk.”

Our lead character quickly learns that his time in Manila will be more than he anticipated, as he integrates his examination with the regional authorities, Investigators Lorenzano and Garcia. Haine finds that Tucker had actually been blended in a world of unpleasant characters including doubtful and in some cases horrendous organization activities as the selling of Chinese immigrants. Obviously, Tucker was offering roosters for cockfights- a genuine sporting occasion in the Philippines. With the earnings, nevertheless, Tucker would acquire arms, such as automated rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and possibly satchel mines, offering them to numerous para-military groups. One such group of terrorists was from Texas that remained in the procedure of buying from him a freight of Chinese AK-47’s. It was now approximately Haine and his associates to ferret out and find Tucker’s killer and avoid the delivery.

Tossed into the examination are a series of occasions and hints that are hard to link and do not appear to go anywhere, although all remain in one method or another linked to Tucker and his murder. Even more making complex matters is that the spectacular Jennifer Santos from the workplace of the financial, whom Haine succumbs to, is asked to drop the case by a popular congressman.

Philippine Fever is well paced storytelling with persuading characters, geographical setting and story plot at its finest. Cook has actually maximized his working years in Manila, as he prospers in providing his readers a look of a corner of the world with a special culture and social context which efficiently improves the book’s lots of exhilarating scenes. Furthermore, Prepare supplies his readers with hints without unexpected coincidences that extremely typically mar secret and investigator books. This one should show to be a winner and I anticipate more from Bruce Cook – possibly a series of Sam Haine secrets?

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