PNP active Covid-19 cases drop below 1,000 mark

THE PNP Health Service reported 138 more recoveries today, further reducing the number of active cases down to only 941 even as 58 new confirmed cases were reported on Saturday.
PNP Chief, Police General Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar noted the continuing trend of decline in active COVID-19 cases since mid-September when active cases peaked at 3,219 in September 17, and dipped steadily through the opening days of October.
The Chief PNP attributed the marked improvement in the PNP Covid-19 situation to responsive healthcare and prevention including the full vaccination of 85.6% of the entire 222,000-strong PNP.
Citing PNP Health Service data, Eleazar said among the 941 active cases, 176 or 18.7% are in Metro Manila while 765 or 81.3% are in regions outside NCR.
The same data showed 679 active cases are in non-PNP isolation facilities, 239 are in PNP-operated facilities while 23 more active cases are in non-PNP hospitals.
On the PNP-wide vaccination roll-out, a total of 374,002 doses have been administered to 218,895 PNP personnel, with 191,019 or 85.63% now fully-vaccinated with 27,875 or 12.50% awaiting the second dose.
Among the Police Regional Offices, NCRPO posted the highest full-vaccination rate at 95.08% and lowest in the Davao region at 78.48%.
The PNP Health Service accounted 4,172 or 1.87% unvaccinated PNP personnel because of medical and other reasons.

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