Pissed-off, PDU30 asks China to cancel Sinopharm delivery

By Fernan Angeles

A VISIBLY annoyed President Rodrigo Duterte asked Chinese ambassador Huang Xilian to cancel the shipping of China-made Sinopharm-branded COVID-19 vaccines, even as he stood firm that no law was violated when he had himself vaccinated with it.

In his weekly public address, Duterte insisted that the vaccination was “legal” because it was covered by the Food and Drug Administration’s compassionate use permit.

“Ganito yan, we are sorry that we commit the things that you are criticizing us for, we accept responsibility. Ako mismo nagpaturok. It is the decision of my doctor. Anyway, it’s my life kung anong ano nila yung how would I… yung concerns nila about orders,” Duterte said.

“Just before this meeting started, I had a talk with Ambassador, ang mga experts nagsabi, ‘Wala pa ito, hindi dumaan na examination sa atin.’ Ang binigay ko ay compassionate use, which is really illegal excuse to have the compassionate use,” he added.

“Ibig sabihin magamit mo compassionate kaya lang, maybe it is not acceptable to them (critics) but it’s legal actually, when the government allowed it for compassionate use that in itself is an authority for people to be injected. Pero kakaunti lang naturukan nito,” the President further averred.

To end the bickering, the President said he would just ask Chinese ambassador Huang Xilian to cancel the delivery of some 1,000 Sinopharm vaccines.

“Here’s the deal, sinabi ko kay ambassador… sabi ko tanggalin mo na lang. You withdraw all Sinopharm vaccines. All 1,000 of them. ‘Wag ka na magdala ng Sinopharm dito para wala ng gulo, sabi ko bigay mo na lang sa’kin Sinovac,” Duterte said.

FDA earlier defended Duterte’s vaccination because the vaccine used forms part of what was smuggled and used by the members of the elite presidential guards last year.

Interestingly, the FDA granted a compassionate use authorization on the use of Sinopharm five months after the unauthorized self-inoculation among the members of the Presidential Security Group. To date, the FDA has yet to receive from Sinopharm or its local distributor a formal application for EUA.


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