PH now tops Asia in active Covid-19 cases

By Fernan Angeles

THE Philippines notched the top spot among Asian countries with the highest recorded active cases of the deadly coronavirus disease 2019, says infectious diseases and clinical pharmacology expert Dr. Benjamin Co. Co, who has been breaking down coronavirus numbers in his personal blog since the outbreak started, said that the Philippines, which now has 32,845 active Covid-19 cases [as per Department of Health data]had just taken over Indonesia which now is at number two with 31798 active cases of the deadly infectious ailment.

Following Indonesia is Singapore which recorded a low 4516 active cases in their country. Active case is defined by government experts as those who have been confirmed Covid-19 positive patients who have yet recovered or succumbed. On the category of Asian countries with the highest recorded confirmed cases, Philippines, recorded 46,333 confirmed Covid-19 cases, now at number two surpassing Singapore with 44,983. Indonesia remains on top with 64,958 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Co’s digital post on the Covid-19 reads: “Let’s start off with the fact that as of 6PM today, the 2,434 cases reported yesterday by the Department of Health was not broken down in the COVID-19 Tracker. There was no data drop. Aside from National Capital Region (NCR), Region VII, and repatriates that had actual figures, where did the 756 “others” reported yesterday come from?” “We are now testing the 2,000 cases/day.

There are fewer reported cases today with 2,099 new confirmed positive cases. I heard the Health Agency announce that they would do away with the early and late reporting system, but I guess they back tracked on this method.” “Around 60 percent are fresh and the remaining 40 percent late cases.” “Of the 2,099 reported cases today, 998 are from NCR, 466 from Region VII, 541 from others, and 94 from repatriates.

Twenty duplicates were removed from the total cases, but we don’t know from which category these 20 duplicates are from.”

“Six deaths (five reported in June) and 243 recoveries round up the numbers of the day.” “This brings the case fatality rate to a low of 2.81 percent and recovery rate sinks to 26.3 percent with more than two thousand cases being reported today.” Dr. Co, who actively practices his profession holds clinics at UST Hospital, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Cardinal Santos Medical Center, is also an educator, speaker, scientist, administrator, mathematician, and part-time blogger.


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