Manila’s human milk bank offers milk for babies from fire-hit PGH

Manila’s human milk bank offers milk for babies from fire-hit PGH

MANILA City’s human milk bank came to the aid of babies transferred from the fire-stricken Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to city-run district hospitals by providing pasteurized human milk.

Sta. Ana Hospital Director Dr. Grace Padilla said milk supply was sourced from the Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital, where the local government’s milk bank is located.

Dr. Padilla also said her hospital’s pediatric department immediately coordinated with PGH for the temporary transfer and milk assistance.

“Ang Manila po ay may nakatalagang human milk bank, so hindi po kami nahirapan na pakainin yung mga sanggol,” Dr. Padilla said.

According to Padilla, about 12 babies are currently under the care of Sta. Ana Hospital, two of whom were considered critically ill twins.

The Sta. Ana Hospital director assured parents that all babies have name tags in order to avoid switching, and also assured their mothers that all babies are in proper condition.

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