‘FABakuna center’ administers 53% of FAB workers — Pineda

By Mar T. Supnad

Gov Abet Garcia, Mayor Jo Castańeda and Engr. Pineda

MARIVELES, Bataan — Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) Administrator Emmanuel Pineda reported that a total of 53% of the workers inside AFAB have been inoculated and some more are scheduled to be vaxxed.

The massive inoculation of AFAB workers and residents of the host town of Mariveles were jointly initiated by Governor Abet Garcia, Mayor Jocelyn Castañeda and the AFAB leadership thru Pineda. Per Mariveles District Hospital Chief Dr. Hector Santos, the ‘ 1Bataan FABakuna Center’ initiative administered over 31,114 COVID-19 vaccines while 15,339 have been fully vaccinated through the said vaccination site, reperesenting 53% of the reporting FAB workers, pointed out Pineda.

The Administrator also expressed his gratitude and pride on how much the FABayanihan has touched the lives of many in the FAB.

The fast and massive inoculations here were attributed to the simultaenous putting up of vaccination sites by Gov Garcia, AFAB and Mayor Castañeda who worked hand in hand in their bid to attain a total herd immunity which is expected to be achieved before the end of this year.

In his recent State-of-the-Freeport Address, the Administrator cited what he called the focused on the operational highlights of the agency and its partnership with the private and public institutions in maintaining the progress and industrial peace and in managing the COVID-19 threats within the zone. The Administrator first summarized his 2016-2020 administration by mentioning the most notable projects the agency was able to accomplish through its SOFT HEART Action Plan which stands for socially relevant, operationally viable, financially feasible, and technologically advanced housing, expansion areas, accessibility, renewable energy, and transportation.

Administrator Pineda also enumerated the undertaken COVID-19 initiatives of the AFAB.

Among its many initiatives, the AFAB head emphasized on how the COVID Safety-Assured FAB Enterprise (SAFE) Seal and the vaccination drive through the FABayanihan’s 1Bataan FABakuna Center (FABakuna Center) further led to securing the approval of the local government of Mariveles to allow up to 100% manpower among enterprises in the Freeport.

Moreover, the FAB community was able to manage the outbreak in the zone through the 121 inspections, 161 disinfections, and implementation of strict minimum public health standards implementated by the Authority.

“We are optimistic that this number will continue to improve as more and more FAB workers are being vaccinated,” AFAB Public Health Consultant Dr. Noel Bernardo, remarked.

FAB Enterprises also commended the Authority for the way it has led and supported the companies amidst the different rounds of the community quarantines and in achieving herd immunity.

“The inspection that the AFAB is doing really helped us, not only for the factory to check itself [to do self-check], but to [also] make sure that we are complying…before they implement new protocols, new guidelines, they always make sure that the enterprises understand,” Perpetual Prime Mfg. Inc. Administration Manager Jacqueline Rapunzel Tigas-Tuazon said.

Furthermore, Essilor Mfg. Phils. Inc. Managing Director Francis Zuniga said that to work with the AFAB and to have the ability to have their employees vaccinated gave them the opportunity to have the added level of security and safety for their employees for them to continue and progress in a much normal way of operations at Essilor.

“[The] AFAB is very instrumental when it comes to really achieving herd immunity…90% of our employees [are] already vaccinated…Thank you so much for [to] the AFAB…we want to work with [the] AFAB…,” Essilor Senior Human Resources and Administrative Manager Eduardo Custodio added.

According to Earth and Shore Leisure Communities Corporation Director of Hotel and F&B Operations Ronel Sunga, “It’s humbling because we were able to experience at least a fraction of what our frontliners have been doing almost every day of their lives…This has bound and brought us all together and…we should be on top of all of these and there’s no reason why we should not rise from these challenges.”

Moreover, the FABayanihan partnership for Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) distributed over P25 million worth of cash assistance to 8,339 workers during the first batch while an estimated P57 million for 19,000 workers more are targeted to be distributed for the second batch not later than October this year.

Aside from this, an 84-bed emergency field hospital with 10 intensive care unit beds and 10-20 beds for moderate to severe COVID-19 cases shall operate soon at the Standard Factory Building (SFB) No. 13 in the Freeport through the joint effort of the AFAB, Provincial Government of Bataan (PGB), the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), and Mariveles District Hospital (MDH).


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