Eco-friendly designer ‘bayongs’ for hospital patients

LAGUNA – In what appears to be an incentive that is too hard to resist, patients in a private hospital in the town of Luisiana, are assured of what is deemed in the western states as designer bags, provided they get well.

At the Healthserv Los Banos Medical Center (HSLBMC), figures corresponding death toll is kept at the lowest as compared to other health care facilities, while recording 99.9 percent recovery among patients who have tested positive for the deadly virus from Wuhan, China.

More than the recovery of the patients, HSLBMC bestows survivors locally-made designer bags made from water hyacinths swarming waterways.

Web-based information had the water hyacinths as a contributing factor that causes waterways to clog, and in effect cause floods – for which both the government and non-government organizations collaborated and cleared rivers and creeks of the green organism. Aside from clogging water ways, proliferation of water hyacinths causes other water organisms to die as it literally covers the entire water surface. It requires high biological oxygen demand which effectively prevents other living organisms to grow.

Interestingly, upon clearing waterways of the water hyacinths, local folks have found ways to make use of it – in this case, as material in making bayong for export to other countries.

In a statement, the HSLBMC hinted at supporting local livelihood, particularly the bag weavers behind the blockbuster designer bayongs.

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