Drilon grinds axe for NTC heads

By Fernan Angeles

FOR the unpopular closure order it issued to ABS-CBN broadcast network, a minority senator wants top officials of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to go.

“They should be “fired for incompetence,” Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said. Drilon said NTC commissioners gravely abused its discretion over its closure of ABS-CBN despite previous assurance to Congress that it would allow the network’s continued operations pending the renewal of its franchise. “The Commissioners should be fired for incompetence,” he said.

The senator, a former justice secretary, said NTC’s decision to shut down ABS-CBN caused “damage to society by depriving people of a major source of information on the pandemic and causing the loss of jobs of 11,000 workers of ABS-CBN.”

“The commissioners also displayed ignorance of the law when they disregarded precedents and the opinion of the DOJ (Department of Justice),” he added.

“After they reneged on their commitment to Congress, there is a total loss of confidence in their ability to discharge their duties according to law,”

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