DOLE asks other agencies to subsidize workers who didn’t get SAP

DOLE asks other agencies to subsidize workers who didn’t get SAP


BAD news for the working class.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has already used up the P2.6 billion given to the department for Covid19 wage subsidies.

As it is, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello is asking other government agencies to provide money to workers who didn’t get any.

Bello said that the money which was given to DOLE for the Covid19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP), the official nomenclature of cash aid to workers displaced by lockdowns, have been all used up.

Some 1.2 million workers nationwide, including at least 75,189 workers from Cagayan Valley, or Region 2 have been displaced by the lockdown. Under CAMP, displaced workers should be getting P5,000 each.

Funds,however, were insufficient. With no more money to disburse, DOLE would transfer its list of beneficiaries to the Department of Finance (DOF) and Social Security System (SSS), which has a Small Business Subsidy program, says Bello.

Interestingly, with online application as the only means to file application, SSS has taken down its website catering to such concerns.

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