Dangers of Astral Projection – Do They Really Exist?

Dangers of astral projection could easily put off people who are interested in trying to have an out of body experience. Just like with anything new to our knowledge and senses, we would like to know if it will harm us in any way instead of improving our lives. Having fear of the unknown might be preventing us from something beneficial and even life changing. It always pays to know the pros and cons about what we are getting ourselves in and good old research with an open mind does the trick.

To be able to separate from your physical body as your consciousness operates or travels on its own, is not something we grew up knowing to be possible. In the same way as people back in the day never thought that people could be flying on airplanes along side birds and the clouds. There may be no concrete evidence that dispel any dangers of astral projection nor are there any that proves it. Our fears hamper common sense and judgment so let us put the possible risks into perspective.

Harm from supernatural entities

You are the artist that directs how your painting turns out may it be in the physical world or in the astral plane. We allow either good or bad to take its form. If you expect an encounter with a dark, scary being to be there, it is most likely that you will. Deal with your fears and there isn’t anything that can hurt you even as you are experiencing out of your body.

Difficulty or failure to return to ones body

We have always experienced astral projection as our consciousness wanders by itself during sleep at night and we have no recollection of doing so since we are not accustomed to remember. Your main concern lies on being able to project yourself out of your body as you wish and not about failing to come back. You will always return to your body regardless of what you do, even if you don’t want to. Thinking about your physical body will always send you back to it.

Is it possible to be possessed?

You enter a sensitive energy field as you undergo astral projection. It is your form of protection as it ceases your projection state when anything unfamiliar or hostile charges through. A “silver cord” also connects your physical and astral body to each other. Nothing can overtake it or cut it apart as energy and life flows from it.

I hope you can now get past the hype that surrounds the dangers of astral projection and soon reap the countless benefits that an out of body experience entails. There are specialized mp3 recordings called binaural beats and isochronic tones that can help you easily project on the astral plane.

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