Bongbong files CoC for president in May 2022 polls

FORMER senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. joined presidential bets for May 2022 elections as he filed his certificate of candidacy under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas on Wednesday. He still has no running mate.

Marcos said he first planned to “adopt” President Rodrigo Duterte, but plans fell through when the latter withdrew his bid for the second top post.

During the COC filing, Marcos said he does not restrict media questions, as long as they are not the same ones that have hounded his political career. He refused to answer queries about his mother Imelda Marcos, who was convicted of seven counts of graft in 2018 but enjoys freedom due to old age while on appeal, and how he and his siblings benefitted from his family’s ill-gotten wealth.

Marcos also previously served as a congressman representing Ilocos Norte, and had also held the governor and vice governor posts in the province.

“If you have something new to ask me, mahirap [it’s hard] if we will be having the same conversations I’ve been having for 35 years,” he said.


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