Baguio reports no positive case of Covid-19 for more than a week

Baguio reports no positive case of Covid-19 for more than a week

THERE have been no reports on positive case of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Baguio City for more than a week now, said the local officials strengthening their belief that Baguio has attained a flat curve even as the testing of 60 of the 93 persons under investigation started April 3.

“It’s a good sign,” said City Health Office chief, Dr. Rowena Galpo on Thursday.

She said that the last cases were reported on March 28 but cautioned locals not to let their guards down.

“Seemingly our enhanced community quarantine is effective. We have good contact tracing, so no transmissions as far as today,” she said while congratulating the front line health workers for a job well done.

She, however, said that this does not mean that the city will be opening the borders of the city as well as allow people to go out just yet.

“We will see in the next 13 days, but then we can recommend for the lifting of the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine). But for now, I go for a modified ECQ,” she added.

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan said a modified lifting will be the best solution.

“I think the curfew will still remain but then let us work towards normalizing our lives. Mahirap ang ma-quarantine he said.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong, meanwhile, said the city must follow through tracing of contacts to make sure that no one is missed.

“There were gaps before that we are now addressing so we will not be surprised if more cases will turn up,” the mayor said, who activated police investigators to help health workers in contact tracing.


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