Baguio Hotels for a Perfect Filipino Tour

The City of Baguio in the Philippines is the ideal place for those who love to experience the perfect blend of innovative modernism and the elegance of nature. Thanks to the meticulous design by the world-famous architect Daniel Burnham, the growth of Baguio into a highly modernised city didn’t take more than a century. In spite of being a major hub of education and economy in the northern Luzon Island, the famous nickname “summer capital of the Philippines” certainly depicts its popularity among local and foreign tourists. While enjoying the comfort of one of the Baguio hotels, you’ll surely be able to spend a memorable vacation in this remarkable city.

Baguio City

Unlike other parts of the Philippines, Baguio enjoys a subtropical climate in the Cordillera Central Mountains. It also belongs to the Luzon tropical pine forests eco-region, giving rise to another nickname: “city of pines”. Formerly the area was occupied by the ancient tribes of Ibalois and Kankanaeys, and steps have been taken to preserve their indigenous heritage by declaring Baguio as a heritage zone. You can reach Baguio with a six-hour drive from Manila on Kennon Road, while there are two other highways and an airport serving the city.

Hotels in Baguio

Baguio’s population is said to double with the large inflow of tourists during the Holy Week. The city is not short of tourists during the rest of the year too. Accordingly, more than 80 Baguio hotels and inns are ready to serve you as soon as you set foot in the city. All are renowned for their hospitable and efficient service, so that you can easily make yourself at home. Most of the Baguio hotels are located away from the noisy and restless city centre, but close enough for popular destinations like SM City Baguio, Victory Liner and Camp John Hay.

Luxurious Comfort

Luxurious Baguio hotels offer numerous amenities like hot water showers, cable TV, attached bathrooms and fully furnished bedrooms. Cleanliness and comfort are top priorities of every hotel, with everything being accomplished by efficient room service. A wide selection of local and foreign cuisine will be available for each meal, thanks to the skills of excellent chefs. Recreational facilities like jogging tracks and swimming pools are also available in several major Baguio hotels. However, the most important feature is that all these luxuries come at quite affordable prices, often backed up by exciting tourist packages and online reservation facilities.

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