Actor Jake Cuenca arrested in Mandaluyong

ACTOR Jake Cuenca was arrested on Saturday night after his SUV allegedly bumped a police vehicle in Mandaluyong City.

In a report, Eastern Police District (EPD) director Police Brigadier General Matthew Bacay, Cuenca’s car passed by and bumped the police vehicle at around 9 p.m.

Police said the SUV did not stop and so they chased it until they reached the area near Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, Bacay said on Dobol B TV on Sunday.

When confronted, the driver was identified as Cuenca, he said.

Bacay said Cuenca is undergoing medical examination at the time of the radio interview.

Inquest proceedings will be held on Sunday, he said, as the Mandaluyong Police will file a complaint of reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property against the actor.

Bacay added that nothing illegal however was found inside the actor’s car.

The SUV is now in the custody of the police, he said. The Scene of the Crime Operation team will process it, according to a report of Rod Vega on Dobol B TV.

The police official also said a stray bullet fired during the chase hit a Grab driver.

“In the course of the chase nila, ‘yung mga personnel natin had to disable ‘yung sasakyan, pinaputukan ‘yung gulong. May tinamaan na Grab driver,” Bacay said.

The injured driver was brought to a hospital for treatment and is now in stable condition.

“Very unfortunate ‘yung incident. Siguro ‘yung mga personnel natin mataas pa ‘yung adrenaline because ongoing ‘yung operation natin, nakahuli ng marijuana doon sa Mandaluyong. And then this is a very unfortunate incident. Walang may gusto nito,” Bacay said.

“I have instructed the chief of police of Mandaluyong, [Police] Colonel Mel Unos to take care of all the needs of the victim,” he added.

Bacay gave the assurance that the investigation into the incident involving Cuenca will be fair, according to Vega’s report.

The police personnel involved in the incident are also undergoing investigation to determine who fired shots and whether the standard operating procedure was followed.

On Sunday, Cuenca’s father went to the Mandaluyong Police station and said the actor was treated like a criminal as he was forced to drop to the ground and was handcuffed.

The EPD meanwhile said that is the normal procedure.

Cuenca’s vehicle is also heavily tinted and the police were just being cautious, the EPD said.

Cuenca’s father said the actor did not intentionally entice the police to chase him. Instead, the actor became fearful and in panic drove the vehicle away.

Police then said it is just normal for them to chase a vehicle if it did not stop.

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