2 Filipinos killed in Abu Dhabi restaurant gas explosion

2 Filipinos killed in Abu Dhabi restaurant gas explosion

TWO Filipino expats died in the gas explosion that ripped through a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, according the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

“It is with deep sadness that the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), through the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, shares the latest information that two Filipinos died from the unfortunate accident yesterday (August 31) caused by a gas explosion at a restaurant at Rashid Bin Seed Road, (also known as Airport Road) in Abu Dhabi, as reported by UAE authorities.”

The DFA said Ambassador Hjayceelyn Quintana “has reached out to the families of the deceased to express condolences and to give assurance that they will be provided all necessary assistance”.

Many Filipinos live in the area of the blast. According to Quintana, the Embassy is also working with UAE authorities “to obtain details on some injured Filipinos who were brought to the hospital for treatment of minor and moderate injuries so that they can be given appropriate support.”

On Monday, Abu Dhabi confirmed one of those killed was near the site while the second was a passer-by who was hit by debris.

Rapid intervention teams from the Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety were quickly dispatched to the scene after receiving reports of the incident, which was caused by a misalignment in the gas container fittings after refuelling.

The explosion that hit KFC and Hardee’s restaurants occurred along Rashid bin Saeed Street, a main road to the airport, on Monday morning, causing minor and moderate injuries to several others, according to reports.

In a tweet, the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office said the blast was caused by a “misalignment in the gas container fittings following refueling.”

Following the explosion, the Filipino community in Abu Dhabi was advised to remain safe and be mindful of security and safety protocols.

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