12mn-4am curfew hrs in NCR starting Oct. 13 – MMC chair

METRO Manila Council (MMC) chair and Paranaque City Mayor Edwin Olivarez disclosed the curfew hours in Metro Manila will relax starting Wednesday due to decreasing Covid-19 cases and health care utilization rate.

In a text message, Olivarez said “Starting Oct 13, 12 midnight to 4 am. Unified curfew in Metro Manila.”

Currently, curfew hours in Metro Manila are from 10pm to 4am.

The move also seeks to assist businesses and workers amid the gradual reopening of the economy, which was badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, he added.

“Declining cases and [health] care utilization. To help businesses and employees in slowly [opening] our economy,” Olivarez answered when asked for the reason on the curfew adjustment.

Meanwhile, when asked if the alert level in Metro Manila be downgraded, Olivarez said that the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Emerging Infectious Diseases will meet to discuss the matter.

“IATF will have a meeting on Thursday to assess alert level after Oct 15 [based] on [data],” Olivarez shared.

“Alert level will be [based] on [data] regarding reproduction number and health care utilization. Right now MMC has no recommendation but all LGUs (local government units) are ready to implement any alert level classification provided by IATF,” he added.

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