10-day mandatory quarantine for returning Pinoys stays

By Fernan Angeles

A TOP Malacañang official warded off efforts to cut short the 10-day mandatory quarantine for returning Filipinos, even as he claimed that the system in place has effectively kept the more contagious COVID-19 mutated strain referred to as the Delta variant in check.

In a statement, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles in his capacity as co-chairman of the government’s inter-agency task force said that moves to reduce the 10-day mandatory quarantine to just seven days, is not an option, especially at a time when all that the government could do at the moment is to prevent Delta virus from entering the country by way of strict border check.

“‘Yung 10-day quarantine rule po natin, very important iyan. Nakita natin na it really worked doon sa 17 na nag-positive ng Delta variant dito sa ating bansa na mula sa abroad,” Nograles. The 10-day mandatory quarantine protocol, he added, is also the reason why the Delta variant that was found among 17 COVID-19 positives, was not able to spread to others.

“Mapasukan lang tayo ng isang Delta variant, things will really drastically change on the ground. Importante na lahat ng airports ay higpitan natin ang ating 10-day quarantine rule,” he further averred. Relatedly, Nograles appealed to the public to have themselves vaccinated as supplies are starting to stabilize in the country.

He added that COVID-19 vaccines will spare Filipinos from being critically ill. To date, the country has yet to record a single Delta variant case – except for the 17 individuals who came from other countries, as per data released by the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health. Delta variant was first detected in India where hundreds of thousands have already died in a deadly surge sometime in May.

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