1 of 2 ostriches ran loose in QC cooked into adobo; DENR to probe owner

1 of 2 ostriches ran loose in QC cooked into adobo; DENR to probe owner

ENVIRONMENT and Natural Resources Undersecretary Benny Antiporda said one of two ostriches that were caught running free in a viral video were bought from a farm in Misamis Occidental for P30,000.

One of the ostriches, however, died because of stress and the meat was cooked into adobo, according to the counsel of the owner Charlie Pascual.

The alleged owner Jonathan Cruz told the DENR that the birds were bought from the Philippine Ostrict and Crocodile Farm, Inc. on October 28, 2019.

Based on Cruz’s affidavit, a certain Edwin Jara, a consultant for the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farm, Inc. allegedly sold the birds for P30,000, Antiporda added.

A technical conference was called by the DENR-National Capital Region on Monday to let Cruz explain how he got possession of the ostriches. Cruz, together with his lawyer submitted some documents that include the local transport permit, invoice receipt from the transaction, and photos of the dead ostrich.

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